Because we know moms. We want you to Save time. Save effort. What you should know about our new product — Mamasavers Air HandsFree Electric Breast Pump.

A regular NO MOTOR handsfree single cup cost Php1,500-2,500 and you need a regular electric breastpump to use which cost another P4,500 or even a lot more.


Our handsfree pump comes complete 2 in 1—an electric motor pump and handsfree cup with introductory Price of P3,995/single pump and P7,500/twin pump.


Yes, Mamasavers Air BreastPump is totally hands-free & cordless. Each Electric Breast Pump is made of BPA free materials.

✔️Hands-Free & Cordless is the breakthrough

✔️Air Breast Pump is wearable and it allows you to move around without hassle. Pump invisibly under shirt.

✔️suction level 260mmhg-300mmhg

✔️offers Premium quality, Hands-Free & Invisible.

✔️Has a 5-level massage mode to stimulate milk letdown before expression begins

✔️Has a 5-level expression mode to adjust your preferred suction strength.

✔️Charge using micro USB cable. than can be charge with a portable power bank


Flange size option: 24mm and 27mm

Mamasavers air electric breastpump

₱4,500.00 Regular Price
₱3,995.00Sale Price