DESIGNED FOR COMFORT AND SECURITY: The straps are strong and well padded to prevent your shoulders from hurting when you carry your baby or toddler. An adjustable Velcro waist strap that puts some of the weight on your hips includes a strong buckle. A unique, built-in safety harness for the security of the baby is a feature not found on many baby carriers.

TONS OF POCKETS TO STAY ORGANIZED: Engineered carefully to maximize functionality with a precise 11 pockets : per our real-parents market research group. Includes cushioned changing pad and custom pockets for one-hand grab for diapers and wipes. A protective pacifier pocket and multiple zippered pockets keeps your wallet, phone, and keys safely stored and easy-to-find.

INSULATION FUNCTION: five hours, the temperature of the bottle can be stabilized at 40 °C by USB heating setting, your child can drink water or milk at the right temperature at any time.

Disney Brand Diaper Bag with USB Bottle Warmer

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