HEPA technology can naturally remove ultrafine particles as small as 0.02um and 99.97% common airborne allergens effectively over a long term. Gives you reassurance by display real-time indoor air quality.


Voltage: 220v~240v

Power: 50Hz

Application area: 50m2

Timing function: 0.5~23.5h

Speed: Low, Medium, High, Automatic

Silence mode: Yes

Filter type: HEPA filter

Fresh air

HEPA filter delivers all-around protection

Effective for allergen removal

Automatically monitors, reacts & purifies the air

Superior purification that can be applied to a max. 50m2 room

Long lifetime performance

Real-time PM2.5 feedback

Healthy air protect alert for filter lifetime with accuracy

Design for you

Sensor UI with big numerical display

Package Included:

1x Air Purifier

1x Remote Control

Air Purifier True Hepa Filter Ionize and dust remover

₱26,000.00 Regular Price
₱12,500.00Sale Price